Anakonda Tour in English

Anakonda Tour is a travel agency based in Beckov, Slovakia (Central Europe). Its main focus are interactive cognitive and outdoor tours in selected countries of two continents: South America and Africa. Occasionally small trips are organized also in Europe. Our main focus are clients from Slovakia and Czech Republic. However we have two unique trips […]


Peter Becko Ondrejovic Traveler, mountain climber, explorer, adventurer, photographer, environmentalists and local patriot of his home town Beckov. In 80s he was active mountain climber and he did several first climbs in Slovak mountains High Tatras as well as European Alps. Later he visited South America where he climbed several mountains of Ands and visited […]

Climbing down the rope the highest waterfall of the world in Venezuela

This trip includes complete crossing of the Auyan Tepui Table Mountain. In the year of 1997 it was done for the first time by an expedition of 5 Slovak friends guided exactly by Peter Becko Ondrejovic. Only later on also local Venezuelan guides started to organize this trip and made it quite popular. Crossing of […]

Venezuela for ornithologists

Venezuela is having incredible biodiversity. It is having the second richest birds’ population after neighboring Columbia. Harpy eagles in Imataka are well tracked by local ornithologists, Orinoco Delta is having unique swamp forests, savannas of Los Llanos are full of birds during the dry season and the rain forest in the mountains is also having […]